Juan Sanchez

Thinking out loud.

Jan 31, 2011

A while ago, like so many others, I started using Instagram as a quick and easy way to capture and share photos I took. The functionality was great; quick and simple to use.

With the posting to Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, etc. it felt like the photo only existed for those who initially saw the link or image. This seemed appropriate since these photos were in fact a moment in time with an expiration.

Eventually, I wanted to share my Instagrams with others who weren't following me and after I had posted them. I wanted a gallery.

Nothing really existed for that, so i thought as a little exercise to continue learning jQuery I'd try and make a gallery for myself. Initially, I thought I could just use an Instagram API, if it existed, which it doesn't. Eventually, I settled on just using the Flickr API to pull any Instagrams I had posted there.

This solution seemed the quickest and easiest way to pull off what I wanted. Yes, it's dependent on me posting to Flickr and the fact that Instagram automatically tags images with “Instagram”, but it works.

The result is a site called GramJunction.com. Initially this was just for me, but I eventually added the ability for anyone to create their own gallery by entering the a Flickr username they post to from Instagram.

I definitely learned more about jQuery and using the Flickr API. It was a fun little project and it's nice to see that others have enjoyed the site. I've also seen some really interesting stats in the site analytics showing how much Instagram is being used all over the world.

Check out GramJunction